Preparing for exams is as much about our health as it is about studying. Studying with a tired, nutrient-deprived and stressed-out brain is like rowing against the current. Not only is it harder to concentrate, but you are also far more likely to forget information and struggle to think clearly when writing exams. While there are many different aspects to looking after your health, we decided to summarize our advice on how to best fuel your body and brain with food to help you study well and ace your exams!

Exam season: a source of stress and anxiety for students all around. But it doesn’t need to be so stressful, especially if you are already working hard and investing in your academics. Many students work incredibly hard and put every minute towards acing their exams, but finish exam season completely frazzled and burnt out — or worse, show up the exam completely frazzled and burnt out. Neither is a good or productive state to be in. Exam season is, essentially, about balance. So, how do we achieve this balance when our academics are our top priority? Keep reading to find out!

Here is our third interview in our series of Career Interviews here at Mastering It! This week we spoke to Mignon van Zyl about her career as a teacher. We chatted about what it takes to work in the education industry and how Covid has affected the field.
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